I just got first customer review about Circus Pyongyang: A gig to North Korea (True Story: What Really Happened At The Birthday Party Of North Korean President Kim Il-Sung?) -English Edition (released 1.5.2014) from Amazon Kindle site:

"North Korea is probably the country we, Westerners, know the least about, and with good reason: the country is normally closed off to foreigners. North Korea's regime has, for the past 60 years, prevented its population from any sort of direct contact with the outside world.

This is why this book is particularly insightful and, yes, moving. The author, after being invited to perform in the country by its then-president, got to witness North Korea from the inside and interact with its people. And, by sharing his journey, he allows us to get a glimpse at the everyday life of North Koreans under the harsh rule of its dictators.

The book is not perfect (the author's mother tongue clearly isn't English), but those are mere details compared to the journey you will embark upon when reading this book. 5 STARS"
- Tom Morillo

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